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Jagged Little Pill

Jagged Little Pill Documentary - Zoë Decides to Take ADHD MedicationIn spite of its proven efficacy and track record, controversy – and misinformation – continues to swirl around ADHD medications, especially for children.

Many adults are now being diagnosed, some very late in life, with ADHD. Understandably, considering the lack of understanding (even by most medical practitioners who are diagnosing and treating adult ADHD) adults too are concerned about this option as part of their ADHD treatment plan.

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Workplace Wellness and Mental Health 2013 Conference

Zoe Kessler presents at the Workplace Wellness and Mental Health 2013 Conference, Old Mill Inn, Toronto, Canada, June 19 2013

Photo ©David Moss-Cornett, June 2013

I had a wonderful time speaking to the delegates of this year’s Workplace Wellness and Mental Health 2013 Conference at the Old Mill Inn in Toronto, Canada!

Thanks so much to Executive Program Developer John Brewer for putting together an amazing, enlightening roster of expert speakers to address this much-needed topic; and also to The Conference Board of Canada for honouring me with the privilege of being the closing act!

At the last minute, my co-presenter Tim Bilkey, adult and adolescent psychiatrist and co-author of FAST MINDS, How to Thrive If You Have ADHD (Or Think You Might) was unable to attend, so I whipped up a mash-up of our presentations for an audience expecting to hear from BOTH sides of the couch.

The audience was warm, appreciative and engaged. And I’m willing to bet the majority of them (even as I write this) are home taking the Jasper/Goldberg Adult ADD Questionnaire (which I shared with them in response to a question about how to be diagnosed for ADHD).

Let me know if you’re part of the tribe, guys! And welcome if you are. We’re a pretty wild and wonderful bunch!

Zoe Kessler presents at the Workplace Wellness and Mental Health Conference 2013, Toronto, Canada

Does this candelabra work with my suit?
Photo ©David Moss-Cornett, June 2013

Sample Topics

The following is a list of sample topics and workshops. Zoë can customize her presentation or workshop to meet your audience’s needs. Just ask!

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