ADHD According to Zoë

Published in 2013

ADHD According to Zoë, a book for women with ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Zoë signs books at the official book launch, The Ginger Press Bookshop & Cafe, Owen Sound, ON, Canada, September 6, 2013

ADHD According to Zoë – The Real Deal on Relationships, Finding Your Focus & Finding Your Keys (New Harbinger Publications, September, 2013) by Zoë Kessler was written to tell the story behind the statistics for women with ADHD.

“I think of it as a cautionary tale,” says Kessler, who was diagnosed with ADHD at age 47. Part memoir, part self-help, ADHD According to Zoë describes the author’s harrowing experiences with undiagnosed ADHD. But the message remains positive: using Kessler’s strategies to overcome ADHD challenges, you too can thrive with ADHD.

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Adoption Reunions

Published in 1993

Adoption Reunions by Michelle McColm, Second Story Press, Toronto, Ontario, 1993

Zoë’s first book, Adoption Reunions, was published in 1993 by Second Story Press, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Now in its third print run, this best-selling non-fiction book celebrated its 20th year in print in 2013.

Adoption Reunions, published under the name Michelle McColm (Kessler’s adoptive name), explores reunions between adult adoptees and the emotional aftermath.

Working in adoption disclosure at a Children’s Aid Society, Michelle McColm became familiar with the stories of adoptees and birth mothers alike. An adoptee herself, she has successfully navigated her way through a reunion with her birth mother and extended family.

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