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ADHD Awareness: 7 Keys to Unlocking Your ADHD Potential

ADHD Awareness Handout – .docx
ADHD Awareness Handout pdf – .pdf

ADHD Awareness Month Webinar 1 thOctober is ADHD Awareness Month.

During this special month, webinar host Zoë Kessler takes the hot seat during two special webinars you won’t want to miss.

ADHD manifests differently in each of us. Learning about YOUR ADHD is key to your health, success, and happiness. Knowledge is power, and during these powerful ADHD Awareness Month webinars, you’ll:

  • Learn the 7 key areas for ADHD success
  • Review the basics of ADHD in adults, and how it’s different in women
  • Discover where ADHD trips YOU up
  • Identify and maximize your unique ADHD Superpowers
  • Practice helpful techniques and find out what works for YOU
  • Regroup at the end of the month to share your newfound ADHD Awareness!
  • Connect with like-minded people to share tips and strategies to unlock your ADHD potential

Download the handouts with tips and strategies from our first session here:

ADHD Awareness Handout – .docx
ADHD Awareness Handout pdf – .pdf

Did you miss the first session? View the video replay here:

ADHD Awareness: 7 Keys to Unlocking Your ADHD Potential

In our second session, we regroup to see what worked and share more ideas about ADHD Awareness.

Zoë Kessler is a bestselling author, blogger, and speaker specializing in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in women. Having ADHD herself, Zoë’s been described as “Pippi Longstocking all grown up.”

Zoë blogs for Psych Central and The Huffington Post. Her latest book is ADHD According to Zoë – The Real Deal on Relationships, Finding Your Focus & Finding Your Keys (New Harbinger Publications).

She’s presented webinars and talks for TotallyADD, ADHDSupportTalk,, The Conference Board of Canada, The Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario, and many more.

ADHD from A to Zoë Included in ADDitude Magazine’s 2015 Top Blogs

adhd-zoeI’m excited to announce that my PsychCentral blog, ADHD from A to Zoë has been included in ADDitude Magazine‘s top blogs written by ADHD adults for 2015.

Writing my blog was a great way to explore all things ADHD. After all, I started writing it shortly after my own late-in-life diagnosis at age 47.  I had a lot of catching up to do. Writing and researching topics from ADHD and hyperactivity, to ADHD medications and everything in between was a great way to learn what I needed to know personally. Sharing my journey was a great way to build a community amongst other adults with ADHD who were also seeking information, support, and perhaps most importantly – a community of like-minded individuals.

Writing has always been a way for me to explore the world, both inner and outer. When writing, thoughts, ideas, and connections burble up that you didn’t even know were there. A piece can take you in a totally unexpected direction. It’s been a privilege sharing these sometime random thoughts with readers, and a delight to hear back from so many, expanding the dialogue and creating a safe space for us to feel accepted just as we are.

I haven’t been posting much lately; writing my book, ADHD According to Zoë, was an arduous (but worthwhile) process, after which I had to take some down time to recharge my writing batteries.

There are so many new ADHD offerings out there since I began my blog ADHD from A to Zoë. If you haven’t already, check out ADDitude Magazine’s 2015 listing of “Blogs We Love.” If you’re an adult with ADHD, you’re sure to find one that speaks to you.

Thanks, ADDitude!

Diagnosing ADHD in Girls – And Why It’s Critical

The ADHD stereotype of a rambunctious boy is alive and well. As we learn more about ADHD in girls and women, we’re starting to realize that many girls end up falling through the cracks, missing ADHD diagnosis and treatment. In this video I’ll explain what to look for in girls with ADHD and how to get an accurate ADHD diagnosis.

Spinning Out of Control – What Happens When the A in ADHD Stands for Adult?

Spinning with adult ADHD“Can’t you sit still for five minutes?”

Apparently not. But at least now, years later, I have an explanation in answer to my mom’s question, if only she were alive to hear it. Turns out my excess energy is simply hyperactivity.

Perhaps I should have been tipped off by the tempo of conversations with my friend Chris (who was diagnosed with ADD as a child). Our dialogues have always been like a pool game with both of us taking shots at the same time, bouncing rapid-fire thoughts between topics without skipping a beat.

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Severe Obesity and Adult ADHD: Connection and Cure

ADHD and ObesityIn 2006, at the age of 47, I was diagnosed with ADHD. I’ve been researching adult ADHD ever since. I was taken by surprise when a visitor to my blog, ADHD from A to Zoë, posted a comment about the connection between severe obesity and adult ADHD.

I hadn’t heard of the connection before. The writer, we’ll call him Jerry, is a 52-year-old male who’d undergone bariatric surgery a year ago. Recently, Jerry was diagnosed with ADHD. Jerry says the discovery of ADHD has been life-changing for him.

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Jagged Little Pill

Jagged Little Pill Documentary - Zoë Decides to Take ADHD MedicationIn spite of its proven efficacy and track record, controversy – and misinformation – continues to swirl around ADHD medications, especially for children.

Many adults are now being diagnosed, some very late in life, with ADHD. Understandably, considering the lack of understanding (even by most medical practitioners who are diagnosing and treating adult ADHD) adults too are concerned about this option as part of their ADHD treatment plan.

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Workplace Wellness and Mental Health 2013 Conference

Zoe Kessler presents at the Workplace Wellness and Mental Health 2013 Conference, Old Mill Inn, Toronto, Canada, June 19 2013

Photo ©David Moss-Cornett, June 2013

I had a wonderful time speaking to the delegates of this year’s Workplace Wellness and Mental Health 2013 Conference at the Old Mill Inn in Toronto, Canada!

Thanks so much to Executive Program Developer John Brewer for putting together an amazing, enlightening roster of expert speakers to address this much-needed topic; and also to The Conference Board of Canada for honouring me with the privilege of being the closing act!

At the last minute, my co-presenter Tim Bilkey, adult and adolescent psychiatrist and co-author of FAST MINDS, How to Thrive If You Have ADHD (Or Think You Might) was unable to attend, so I whipped up a mash-up of our presentations for an audience expecting to hear from BOTH sides of the couch.

The audience was warm, appreciative and engaged. And I’m willing to bet the majority of them (even as I write this) are home taking the Jasper/Goldberg Adult ADD Questionnaire (which I shared with them in response to a question about how to be diagnosed for ADHD).

Let me know if you’re part of the tribe, guys! And welcome if you are. We’re a pretty wild and wonderful bunch!

Zoe Kessler presents at the Workplace Wellness and Mental Health Conference 2013, Toronto, Canada

Does this candelabra work with my suit?
Photo ©David Moss-Cornett, June 2013

Zoë Kessler is Nominated as a 2013 Mental Health Hero

Zoë Kessler, 2013 Mental Health Hero

Zoë Kessler, 2013 Mental Health Hero

May is Mental Health Awareness month, established in 1946 by Mental Health Americana. As part of this intiative, in 2008 Chato B. Stewart, a popular Psych Central blogger and cartoonist (Mental Health Humor) began his Cartoon-a-Thon.

“The purpose of the Cartoon-A-Thon is to use humor and laughter as positive tools in dealing with emotional disturbances which effect many people and families due to mental illness,” says Stewart.

Each day in May, Stewart will draw a new Mental Health Hero, adding it to his growing online roster of those who make a difference through educating, supporting, and encouraging others with a wide variety of mental health concerns.

This year, Stewart’s children join in the fun, adding their own renderings of each nominee.

To see Stewart (and family’s) caricatures of Zoë Kessler, 2013 Mental Health Hero, visit Psych Central’s Zoe Kessler Mental Health Hero (nominated by Dr. John Grohol).

Read more about Stewart’s Cartoon-a-Thon initiative here: 2013 Mental Health Heros – Welcome Back!!!



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