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Karen O’Donnell, A Mind Like Mine (And, Possibly, Yours!), Part II

Karen O'Donnell, filmmaker, A Mind Like Mine, and Zoe Kessler, author, ADHD According to Zoe

Karen O’Donnell and Zoë Kessler

In Karen O’Donnell, A Mind Like Mine (And, Possibly, Yours!), Part I, we explored stigma and the label ADHD; parenting a son with severe ADHD, and much more with Toronto, Ontario-based Producer/Director/Writer Karen O’Donnell.

In Part II, O’Donnell talks about ADHD in the workplace in her career as a Toronto, Canada based documentary filmmaker, parenting and ADHD, and more. Enjoy!

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ADHD Brains Gone Wild – An Interview with Author Jonathan Chesner

ADHD in HD - Brains Gone Wild, by Jonathan Chesner


Jonathan Chesner is an actor, surfer, artist, entrepreneur and author living in Los Angeles, California.

ADHD in HD – Brains Gone Wild is a wild ride for a wild brain – or, as Chesner would call it, a “special brain.”

Chesner (who was diagnosed with ADHD at age 9) claims ADHD in HD is the ADHD book to slay all other ADHD books. It just might be when it comes to teens who’d rather walk the family dog and pick up after it than read.

With wacky illustrations and bite-sized stories, Chesner’s book covers everything from distraction to dating; school to snacks.

Join me for a chat with the brain behind the book, ADHD in HD – Brains Gone Wild. Ladies and gentlemen, please secure your seatbelts!

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Q & A with Dr. Kenny Handelman, ADHD Expert

Dr. Kenny Handelman, adult and child psychiatrist, ADHD expert, author Attention Difference Disorder

Dr. Kenny Handelman

Dr. Kenny Handelman is a Toronto, Canada-based psychiatrist specializing in child and adolescent ADHD.

In addition to his psychiatric practice, Handelman writes an excellent ADD ADHD Blog. Handelman’s posts provide an up-to-date resource for a wide variety of ADHD-related topics, including invaluable information on ADHD treatments from a knowledgeable medical practiioner.

In 2011, Handelman published his first book, Attention Difference Disorder – How to Turn Your ADHD Child or Teen’s Differences into Strengths in 7 Simple Steps.

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Karen O’Donnell, A Mind Like Mine (And, Possibly, Yours!), Part I

Zoë Kessler with Karen O'Donnell, filmakerToronto, Ontario-based Producer/Director/Writer Karen O’Donnell has produced two ADHD-focused films to date, the first, Odd Kid Out, in 2002, and the second, A Mind Like Mine, which was released in 2009 and has aired internationally.

O’Donnell is a fierce advocate on behalf of not only her own son, Kail, (diagnosed with ADD since age 7), but for everyone who struggles with ADHD.

Her film, A Mind Like Mine, is compelling, touching, dramatic and informative, as she documents the lives of ADHDers and skilfully weaves interviews with various professionals throughout the story.

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