A curated list of tweets by Zoë’s comedic alter ego, Chick A-D-D

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I did a riverdance once. But only because I was afraid of leeches.

One thing I know for sure: …um… oh darn, I forgot.

Just got home from band practice. We’re Canadian. We spent half the night apologizing to each other.

I thought my workplace was closed today. Then they called & said, “Come in as normal.” I said I’d just come in as myself.

I’m shocked at how many people keep two sets of books. I can barely keep one.

Boss: “Am I keeping you awake?” Me: “Barely.” ADHD at work.

Girl guides: they had me at fire-starting.

Do you ever watch a video clip w/headphones on then forget you’re wearing the headphones? What?

Clumsy? Hang chimes inside your house and enjoy the music!


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