8 Ways to ADHD-Proof Your Home

Is ADHD ruining your home life? Do you or does someone you love suffer from distraction, mood swings, forgetfulness or messiness? These 8 tips might just help smooth over relationships, repair marriages, or at least provide relief from the resident compulsive bubble-wrap popper. Save your home from ADHD now with these 8 sure-fire tips (ok….

The Toronto Star features interview with Zoë Kessler

Could you have adult ADHD? Read article on www.thestar.com Although it’s often thought of as a children’s disease, ADHD is also one of the most underrecognized conditions in adults, according to Canadian psychiatrist Dr. Tim Bilkey. Kessler’s story is one of many Bilkey shares in his co-authored book, Fast Minds: How to Thrive If You…

Adoption Reunions Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary in Print!

Zoë Kessler’s award-winning book, Adoption Reunions: A Book for Adoptees, Birth Parents and Adoptive Families, celebrates 20 years in print in 2013. Published under Kessler’s adoptive name, Michelle McColm, Adoption Reunions first appeared in print in 1993, published by Second Story Press, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Adoption Reunions is now in its third print run and…


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