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8 Ways to ADHD-Proof Your Home

Is ADHD ruining your home life?

Do you or does someone you love suffer from distraction, mood swings, forgetfulness or messiness?

These 8 tips might just help smooth over relationships, repair marriages, or at least provide relief from the resident compulsive bubble-wrap popper. Save your home from ADHD now with these 8 sure-fire tips (ok. They may not be foolproof, but they’re worth a shot.)

1 ) Eliminate Bubblewrap

This one’s a no-brainer (sorry, that was probably a poor choice of words). With low impulse control, what self-respecting ADHDer can resist pop-pop-popping away annoyingly when there’s free-roaming bubblewrap laying about? Remove it now! …before the trouble starts…

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