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ADHD Brains Gone Wild – An Interview with Author Jonathan Chesner

ADHD in HD - Brains Gone Wild, by Jonathan Chesner


Jonathan Chesner is an actor, surfer, artist, entrepreneur and author living in Los Angeles, California.

ADHD in HD – Brains Gone Wild is a wild ride for a wild brain – or, as Chesner would call it, a “special brain.”

Chesner (who was diagnosed with ADHD at age 9) claims ADHD in HD is the ADHD book to slay all other ADHD books. It just might be when it comes to teens who’d rather walk the family dog and pick up after it than read.

With wacky illustrations and bite-sized stories, Chesner’s book covers everything from distraction to dating; school to snacks.

Join me for a chat with the brain behind the book, ADHD in HD – Brains Gone Wild. Ladies and gentlemen, please secure your seatbelts!

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