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Praise for Adoption Reunions

Adoption Reunions by Michelle McColm, Second Story Press, Toronto, Ontario, 1993

Just a few samples of what they’re saying about Adoption Reunions:

from Experts:

Adoption Reunions is the most comprehensive book about reunions so far. Michelle McColm, in drawing on her own experience and those of other reuniting participants, has presented a sensitive and compassionate guide for those involved in all phases of the reunion process.”

– Nancy Verrier, MFCC, author of The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adoptive Child

Adoption Reunions is the most comprehensive book about reunions so far.”

“Adoption Reunions is a remarkable book that provides a balanced, compassionate, objective and comprehensive assessment of adoption and reunion experiences involving challenges and rewards, fears and hopes, anguish and joy. McColm offers valuable suggestions that can provide a road map for those who have experienced or are contemplating adoption and reunion. …a must-read for those working in the field of adoption.”

– Paul Sachdev, Ph.D., editor of Unlocking the Adoption Files & Adoption: Current Issues and Trends and Adoption: Current Issues and Trends (ed.)

from Readers:

“I enjoyed your book Adoption Reunions so much that I read it twice.”

– Louise, birth mother, Baulkham Hills, Australia

“As an adoptee myself, I have a lot of gratitude for the work you are doing. I particularly value your willingness to share your own story, which adds a lot to the book.”

– Bruce Henry, Writer and Literary Consultant, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“I felt moved to tell you how helpful Adoption Reunions has been. I find I am marking almost every paragraph with Post-It Notes. I skipped to p. 77 “Growing Up Adopted” for courage and solace…I can relate so much to your book. Thank you so much.”

– Alice, adoptee, San Diego, California, USA

“I have just finished reading your book Adoption Reunions… It is now 5:30 a.m. and I have been up all night. I am going to read your book again more slowly this time. It has helped me so much.”

– Barbara, birth mother, Nova Scotia, Canada

“For 14 years I’ve been in complete turmoil and overwhelmed with adoption guilt and shame. Only after reading your book have I really felt such tremendous relief in knowing others feel exactly as I do. I took the first deep breath in years and it feels wonderful!…thank you a million times over for your insight!”

– Tracey, adoptee, Ontario, Canada

“…What a gift you have given this whole circle of people. …I found your book so completely sensitive and gentle. It helped me tremendously. …Your book was such a validation and acknowledgement of everything I went through then and am going through now.

“It was wonderful to see the adoptees’ perspective and the adoptive family’s views too. …I am sure, should my search find [my birth daughter], your sharing all these points of view will make it a more sensitive encounter.”

– Karen, birth mother, New Hampshire, USA

“I am a birth mother in the middle of the reunion process. …Your book gave me a great deal of insight into adoption and an understanding of all the emotions that go with it. I was so pleased to find such a straight-forward Canadian book on this subject. I found the book at the library, read it the same day and the next day went and found a copy of my own.”

– Patricia, birth mother, Calgary, Alberta, Canada



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