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Spinning Out of Control – What Happens When the A in ADHD Stands for Adult?

Spinning with adult ADHD“Can’t you sit still for five minutes?”

Apparently not. But at least now, years later, I have an explanation in answer to my mom’s question, if only she were alive to hear it. Turns out my excess energy is simply hyperactivity.

Perhaps I should have been tipped off by the tempo of conversations with my friend Chris (who was diagnosed with ADD as a child). Our dialogues have always been like a pool game with both of us taking shots at the same time, bouncing rapid-fire thoughts between topics without skipping a beat.

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Jagged Little Pill

Jagged Little Pill Documentary - Zoë Decides to Take ADHD MedicationIn spite of its proven efficacy and track record, controversy – and misinformation – continues to swirl around ADHD medications, especially for children.

Many adults are now being diagnosed, some very late in life, with ADHD. Understandably, considering the lack of understanding (even by most medical practitioners who are diagnosing and treating adult ADHD) adults too are concerned about this option as part of their ADHD treatment plan.

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Karen O’Donnell, A Mind Like Mine (And, Possibly, Yours!), Part I

Zoë Kessler with Karen O'Donnell, filmakerToronto, Ontario-based Producer/Director/Writer Karen O’Donnell has produced two ADHD-focused films to date, the first, Odd Kid Out, in 2002, and the second, A Mind Like Mine, which was released in 2009 and has aired internationally.

O’Donnell is a fierce advocate on behalf of not only her own son, Kail, (diagnosed with ADD since age 7), but for everyone who struggles with ADHD.

Her film, A Mind Like Mine, is compelling, touching, dramatic and informative, as she documents the lives of ADHDers and skilfully weaves interviews with various professionals throughout the story.

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